6608 - Video Cameras on School Buses


Policy: 6608
Section: 6000 - Management Support


Video Cameras on School Buses


The board authorizes the use of video cameras on district operated school buses for the purpose of reducing discipline problems, thus providing a safer environment for the transportation of students.  The reason for recording the transportation environment is to provide school officials, drivers and parents/guardians/custodians with documentation when dealing with inappropriate student behavior. Disciplinary action will be in accordance with policy and procedures 3200 and 3241, and the Student Handbook.

The superintendent will prepare procedures for use of the video equipment on buses, the authorized review process for video tapes and the proper disposal of tapes.


Cross References:

3241 - Classroom Management, Corrective Actions Or Punishment

3200 - Rights and Responsibilities


Adoption Date: 03.28.16

Kiona-Benton City School District
Classification: Discretionary
Revised Dates: