5630 - Volunteers


Policy: 5630
Section: 5000 - Personnel




The district recognizes the valuable contribution made to the total school program through the volunteer assistance of parents and other citizens. In working with volunteers, district staff will clearly explain the volunteer's responsibility for supervising students in school, on the playground and on field trips. On field trips both students and volunteers are to be informed of the rules of student behavior and the means by which they are to be held accountable to those rules.

The superintendent will be responsible for developing and implementing procedures for the utilization of volunteers. The selection and use of volunteers will be consistent with those policies and procedures as specified for unsupervised volunteers as specified in Policy 5005, Employment: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approval.




Legal References:

RCW 43.43.830-840 Washington State Patrol background checks

WAC 446-20-285 Employment — Conviction Records


Adoption Date: 03.28.16

Kiona-Benton City School District
Classification: Discretionary
Revised Dates: