5214P - Job Sharing Employees

PERSONNEL                                                                                                                            5214P



Conditions forHalf-Time Employment



1. Payments will be50% of a regular contract. Efforts will be made to make the split assignment asfair as possible. It is recognized that consideration of all the variablesmakes it extremely difficult to do an exact 50/50 split.


2. Both teachers willbe expected to participate in parent conferences, staff and P.T.A. meetings,field trips and other school activities as determined by the buildingprincipal.


3. Both teachers willbe expected to be at the school for the 30 minutes before and after their teachingduties.


4. Both teachers areto arrange their schedules so that they have the time necessary to coordinatetheir teaching and grading activities.


5. Half-timeassignments will be reconsidered on an annual basis. Subsequent assignments maybe either half time or full time.




Adoption Date: September 26, 2011