1220 - Board Offices and Duties of Board Members

Policy: 1220
Section: 1000 - Board of Directors


Board Officers and Duties of Board Members



The Chair presides at all meetings of the board and signs all papers and documents as required by law or as authorized by action of the board. The Chair conducts the meetings in the manner prescribed by the board’s policies. The Chair has the full right to participate in all aspects of board action without relinquishing the chair, including the right to vote on all matters put to a vote.

It is the responsibility of the board Chair to manage the board’s deliberation so that it will be clear, concise, and directed to the issue at hand; to summarize discussion and/or action before moving on to the next agenda item; and to generally manage the meeting so that the agenda is treated in an expeditious manner.

The Chair will be the official recipient of correspondence directed to the board and will provide, or cause to be provided to other board members and the superintendent, copies of the correspondence received on behalf of the board.


The Chair is authorized to consult with the superintendent on issues such as board meeting, study session and board retreat planning prior to presentation to the full board and perform tasks to facilitate board meetings.

In dealing with the media and the public in general, the Chair or his/her designee will serve as the spokesperson of the board. The chair/president is authorized to report and discuss those actions which have been taken and those decisions made by the board as a body. The chair/president will avoid speculating upon actions or decisions which the board may take but has not yet taken.


The Chair will confer with the superintendent regarding sensitive issues which need immediate attention. When appropriate, he/she will confer with individual board members when other opinions should be sought.

Officers of the Board: Vice Chair/President

The vice chair/president will preside at board meetings in the absence of the chair/president and will perform all of the duties of the chair/president in case of his/her absence or disability.

Legislative Representative


A legislative representative serves as the board’s liaison with the Washington State School Directors’ Association Legislative Assembly. The legislative representative will assume office July 1st in an even year for a two-year period. The legislative representative will attend Washington State School Directors’ Association Assemblies, conveying local views and concerns to that body and participating in the formulation of state legislative programs. The legislative representative will monitor proposed school legislation and inform the board of the issues.

Duties of Individual Board Members
The authority of individual board members is limited to participating in actions taken by the board as a whole when legally in session. Board members will not assume responsibilities of administrators or other staff members. The board or staff will not be bound in any way by any action taken or statement made by any individual board member except when such statement or action is pursuant to specific instructions and official action taken by the board.

Each board member will review the agenda and any study materials distributed prior to the meeting and be prepared to participate in the discussion and decision-making for each agenda item.

Each member is obligated to attend board meetings regularly. Whenever possible, each director will give advance notice to the president or superintendent of his/her inability to attend a board meeting. A majority of the board may excuse a director’s absence from a meeting if requested to do so. The board may declare a board member’s position vacant after four consecutive unexcused absences from regular board meetings.



Cross References:  

1450 – Absence of a Board Member


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Management Resources:

Policy News, December 2007 Role of the School Board President


Adoption Date: 12.20.99

Kiona-Benton City School District
Classification: Discretionary
Revised Dates: 08.10.15