Week of January 22-26, 2024

Posted by Pete Peterson on 1/22/2024

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What's Going On This Week


  • 1/22: School Board Meeting, 6:30, Board Room
  • 1/22: CTE Information Meeting, 12:30-1:30, MS Library
  • 1/22: CTE Information Meeting, 1:30-2:30, HS Library
  • 1/24: PLC Release 1:40
  • 1/25: Financial Aid Drop-In Support, 5:00-7:00, HS

Upcoming Events

  • 1/31: PLC Release 1:40
  • 1/31: Last day to order Cap & Gown (HS Seniors)
  • 2/6: Community Council, 6:00, HS Library
  • 2/7: PLC Release 1:40

kbhsathletics.com for up to date athletic schedules.

Superintendent Message:

Happy Monday!

I must say at 4:30 AM I figured the roads would be worse, but by the time I got to District Line Road and came back on Corral Creek, it was really just slushy and manageable. I drive my wife’s Kia so I get a better impression of conditions than in the Dodge, and things weren’t perfect but definitely better than down the highway in the valley.

We have rescheduled our CTE certification meetings with certified staff who may be interested in getting endorsed. This is important as we align Career Pathways for graduation and ensure that we have given kids exploratory options at the MS. We currently teach classes at the MS that we fund with Basic Ed and we need to start collecting CTE funding that currently is sitting on the table.

Thankfully we will be able to get some sports in today and I know that Dirk and the coaches have had to reschedule a lot, but hopefully that time is past now! I will stop by the game after the board meeting tonight. Our appeal to drop down to 2B in athletics was denied, so we will continue to play in the SCAC. It did reveal that the WIAA did have some wrong data about our enrollment, so we will work to find out where that came from.

Have a great week and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!


Preparing for Winter Weather!

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