January 9-13, 2023

Posted by Pete Peterson on 1/9/2023

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Superintendent Message

Good morning all,

We had a substantial board meeting last night, with our first review of all three groups who took the CEE Surveys last fall. Principals will be meeting on Friday with Erich Bolz from CEE (former Ki-Be teacher!) and will be making arrangements to lead each building through the re-sults. There will be plenty to celebrate and several items to focus on.

The board accepted the retirements of Judi and Debbie last night, so congratulations to them for great careers and service to Ki-Be kids! For all postings of retirements/resignations, we will be posting as soon as we have a better understanding of legislative priorities. We will do every-thing possible to get a leg up on the big three and their inevitable launch of hiring.

A reminder– all district emails are public records and subject to review upon request. Please remember that when sending emails that may contain personal or private information.

I know that the testing season is beginning in earnest, so thank you to Joni, Araceli, Sally and the rest of our assessment team who are organizing this so well. As someone who has held Joni’s role, there are a lot of moving parts and we appreciate all of your hard work.

Have a great week! Call me at x. 2001 or 509-539-0039 if you need anything!


What's Going On This Week


  • 1/9: School Board Meeting, 6:30, Board Room
  • 1/11: PLC Release 1:40
  • 1/11: Instructional Materials Committee, 3:00
  • 1/12: Legislative Presentation, ESD 123, 5:30

Upcoming Events

  • 1/16: No School
  • 1/18: PLC Release 1:40
  • 1/19: Early Release 9-12 Grade ONLY 11:00
  • 1/20: Early Release 11:00
  • 1/24: Speaker Erin Jones, Middle School

Staff Member in Focus:  Jenny Careaga

Hi, my name is Jenny Careaga, my Cubs call me Mrs. C. I am the middle school art teacher and I absolutely love my job! I am new to teaching and new to the KiBe school district. Prior to my teaching career, I worked in the travel industry, dabbled in nuclear health physics and business owner-ship, and worked as a reatau-rant manager. I like to spend time with my family, garden-ing, cooking, and doing all things creative and artistic. I am "tickled pink" to teach art exploration to our students and watching the pride they show when they complete a work of art. I am so proud to be a KiBe Cub!