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Preparing for Winter Weather

Winter weather is quickly approaching, and we want to assure students, staff, and families have updated information on expectations and communications methods whenever there is inclement weather. 


The Kiona-Benton City School District transportation staff will check multiple areas throughout the area to determine the overall road conditions for the day.  Our school district area covers roughly 77 square miles of roadway; therefore, while there may be only areas of wet or bare roads in some places, there may be ice and snow-covered roads in others.  The school district must take all these factors into account when determining the status of school:  whether it be on-time, delayed, or closed for the day. 


As soon as the decision is made to delay or close school due to inclement weather, our district will begin announcing the decision no later than 6:30 AM. These announcements will be made through the following platforms:

  1. Local TV and radio stations
  2. Ki-Be website
  3. Automated calls to students’ families (robo calls) **
  4. FlashAlert
  5. Social media
    1. Facebook @KiBeSchools
    2. Twitter @KIBE_District
    3. Instagram @kionabentonschooldistrict

The Ki-Be School District also utilizes the media notification system FlashAlert Newswire to communicate school closure/delay information with local TV, radio, and news stations. As soon as a decision has been made to delay or close school, this information is posted to the FlashAlert website. The public is encouraged to check this website in the mornings for accurate and reliable information direct from the District. You can access Ki-Be’s FlashAlert posts by going to or by clicking on the Closures & Alerts quick link on the home page of our district and school websites.

**  If your phone number is correct in our Student Information Center (Power School), you will automatically receive a Robo Call informing you of the latest delays/closure notices. If you have never received a robo call before, or want to ensure that you do receive one, please call your child's school office and (a) confirm the phone number on file and (b) indicate that you're wanting to receive these "weather watch robo calls."