Dear Sixth Grade Parents:


    The purpose of this letter and attached information is to give you specific information about the Outdoor Education Program at Camp Wooten. The camp is located in the Blue Mountains southeast of Dayton, Washington. The staff for Camp Wooten will consist of Mr.Hill, Mr. Gustafson, Mrs Vann-Clark, and others, along with numerous presenters. For those of you unfamiliar with the Camp Wooten facilities, we will have the use of all facilities, including heated cabins, mess hall, restrooms, swimming pool, and showers.

    The objectives of the outdoor school are to provide students with an understanding of conservation practices, acquaint them with types of vegetation and wildlife found in the Northwest, make them aware of recreational opportunities in the out-of-doors, and promote better attitudes in group living. We consider the outdoor school an integral part of our sixth grade curriculum.

    Attendance at Camp Wooten is a privilege. Students planning to attend Camp are expected to have passing grades. Any student with more than one failing grade at semester time must attend mandatory afterschool homework zone. If your child has raised his/her grade he/she can qualify to go to Camp Wooten. We also look at attendance, Step 4's and Step 5's.       
    We would like all students to join us at Camp. If you are planning on your child not attending camp we need a written note granting parent permission to stay here at school for that week. Those students not attending camp will attend a self contained class here at school. They will be given assignments to do for each subject.

    The only cost to students will be $30 for twelve meal tickets. Students currently receiving reduced price lunches will be charged $20. Students already receiving free lunches will be charged $10. THE MEAL TICKETS MUST BE PAID TO MRS. LONG (Kitchen Supervisor) AND THE "OUTDOORS SCHOOL REGISTRATION FORM" MUST BE RETURNED TO THE MIDDLE SCHOOL OFFICE .

    The staff and I have been meeting regularly to plan for this year's camp, and we're looking forward to it! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact myself, Mr. Hill, or any of the other staff at 588-2040. Parents may visit Camp Wooten on Wednesday. If you plan on visiting the camp, meal tickets may be purchased from Kiona-Benton Food Services.  Please contact the kitchen at 588-2036 so we may plan our meal count.




    Chuck Feth, Middle School Principal