2023-2024 Student Handbook

    Download a print-friendly version of the 2023-24 Student Handbook HERE (.pdf)

    Kiona-Benton Middle School
    Main Office 588-2040   
    Attendance Secretary 588-2044
    Mailing address - 1105 Dale Ave Benton City, WA. 99320

    Middle School Staff

    Principal   Chuck Feth – cfeth@kibesd.org

    Athletic Director   Dirk Hansen – dhansen@kibesd.org 

    Office Personnel

    Office Manager, Libby Lewis – llewis@kibesd.org                                      

    Attendance Secretary, Lorie Haun- lhaun@kibesd.org

    Counselor/School Resources

    Tony Vo - Tvo@kibesd.org

    Student Support, Chris Howell - CHowell@kibesd.org




    E-Mail Address

     Phone Number

    Careaga, Jenny Art Jcareaga@kibesd.org 588-2047
    Biddle, Alicia Co-Teacher/Resource Room abiddle@kibesd.org 588-2063
    Brumbaugh, Alexandra Math abrumbugh@kibesd.org  588-2051
    Dickman, Mike Math mdickman@kibesd.org 588-2062
    Farley, Amber Science afarley@kibesd.org 588-2066
    Harris, Ron Math rharris@kibesd.org 588-2064
    Kalinga, Beth Science bkalinga@kibesd.org 588-2054
    Kelley, Stephen Choir/Band Skelley@kibesd.org 588-2061
    Leavitt, Lorena ELL Lleavitt@kibesd.org 588-2050
    McCarty, Jolyn Fitness & Health jmccarty@kibesd.org 588-2058
    McDonough, Amanda World History/Washington History amcdonough@kibesd.org   588-2102
    Noel, Ken Science knoel@kibesd.org 588-2053
    Petersen, Gary Fitness & Health gpetersen@kibesd.org 588-2049
    Turner, Rebecca Co-Teacher/Resource Room rturner@kibesd.org 588-2063
    Tyrrell, Tanya English ttyrrell@kibesd.org  588-2060
    Wingle, Christian English Cwingle@kibesd.org 588-2056
    Zarazua, Anthony English   Azarazua@kibesd.org 588-2065
    Zorn, Don US/Washington History dzorn@kibesd.org 588-2048


    KBMS Hours:  The building is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Office hours are from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  If you call the school outside of these times, you may leave a voice mail for any person listed above.

    Main Phone Number:   588-2040

    Attendance Phone Number:   588-2044

    E-mail Addresses:  In most cases, the first initial and last name of the staff person @kibesd.org

    KBMS Website:  www.kibesd.org

    Family Access-Access your child's grades and school information online www.kibesd.org

    Report Cards/Progress Reports:   Sent home with the student and mailed home at the end of the year.

    Inclement Conditions: 

    For information regarding late start or cancellation of school because of weather or emergency conditions tune in to radio stations: 870 AM, 960 AM, 1340 AM, 1320 AM, 102.7 FM, 97.1 FM, 98.3 FM105.3 FM,94.9 FM, 106.5 FM, 95.7 FM, 89.1 FM, 89.7 FM, 92.5 FM, 100.9 or Channels 25 (KNDU/NBC) 19 (KEPR/CBS) for current information.    All information regarding weather and emergency conditions are posted on the district website at www.kibesd.org.


    Visitor Sign In

    To ensure the safety of our students, we require all visitors, including parents, to sign in at the office and obtain a visitor badge. You will need to show your driver license to obtain a badge. All visitors will be required to follow school building requirements for entrance.

    Teacher Availability

    Teachers are available before school (7:30-7:55) and after school (2:45-3:00). We believe the education of children is a shared responsibility and hope to build a strong partnership with parents. Parents may contact teachers via e-mail or by leaving a message on their voice mail. E-mail addresses, in most cases, are the first initial and last name of the teacher (e.g. jwolpert@kibesd.org). Staff members may also be contacted on Microsoft Teams. Families can request a meeting with staff members by calling the middle school office at (509) 588-2040. 

    Homework Requests

    Give at least one week’s notice for extended absences such as vacations.  Please request homework by 9:00 am for a 3:00 pm pickup. Teachers can be reached through their Microsoft Teams account or communicate through e-mail. We suggest students have several classmates in each class who could be called for missed assignments. It is the responsibility of students to request their make-up work upon returning to class, if no office requests were made. Teachers will also be putting assignments on Microsoft Teams for students to access. 


    The Kiona-Benton School District provides students with textbooks. Students are responsible for the condition of assigned books.  We request that all textbooks be covered to ensure a longer life. At the end of the year, fines are assessed for damaged or missing textbooks.

    Family Access Information for Parents

    The administration and staff of the Kiona-Benton School District recognize that parents play a significant role in a child's education.  To make it easier to get involved, we are providing access to student record information anytime, day or night, through a home computer.  PowerSchool, our student information software, makes parent/guardian access available. The site is available at www.kibesd.org.  To use this website, parent/guardians will need to have access to the internet. In order to access PowerSchool, you will need to sign the District’s Acceptable Use Form. We will create a username and password and email those back to you. After receiving your username and password, you can visit the link on our webpage to login and begin using PowerSchool. 

    You can also go on your mobile device and access PowerSchool.

    Families, please check the back page of your student’s agenda for password and user name information provided at the beginning of the school year. 

    Students also receive progress reports every two weeks showing academic progress. 


    Breakfast and lunch at Kiona-Benton Middle School is free for all students. Families will still be sent home free and reduced meals paperwork. This paperwork will need to be filled out by families. The paperwork is a requirement of the district in order to be able to offer the free meals program to all students. If you have any questions, please feel free to call. 


    What Students Can Expect

    • To be taught by competent, well-prepared professional teachers.
    • To have the opportunity to attend school in a safe and respectful setting.
    • To be informed of classroom expectations and how this is related to grades.
    • To be informed of the teachers’ perceptions of their performance on a regular basis. 
    • To be informed of district, school, and individual classroom teacher behavior expectations and the consequences for failure to comply.
    • To be treated firmly and fairly in the event that behavior requires intervention and be afforded due process.
    • To not be discriminated against in any way due to race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or disabilities.
    • To be allowed to respectfully express thoughts and feelings as long as others’ rights are not violated in the process and it is done without disruption to school activities, the educational process, or the routine operation of the school.

    Expectations of Students

    • Attend school daily, be on time, and come prepared with all materials needed to be successful.
    • Give 100% effort and complete all assignments honestly and to the best of your ability.
    • Students are expected to fill out their agendas on a daily basis.
    • Respect the rights of others to study and learn.
    • Respect public and private property and return materials and equipment in good condition.
    • Follow all behavior expectations of the classroom, school, and district.
    • Keep KBMS safe by informing administrators of any potentially dangerous situations.
    • Treat everyone respectfully.
    • Help keep our building and grounds clean.
    • Help ensure that all school communication gets home to parents.

    Electronic Devices Policy

    • Students may not use their electronic devices during school hours, including lunch times and before and after school. 
    • Electronic devices are to be kept in lockers/backpacks and turned off. 
    • Students who do use any electronic device during the school day will have their item(s) taken away and written up on a referral to the office for disciplinary consequences. 
    • All electronic devices taken by staff must be turned in to the office for safekeeping until an adult can pick-up. 
    • Disciplinary consequences for use of electronic devices will be progressive, beginning with lunch detention.
      • First offense – students will have device taken and kept in the office. The device will be returned at the end of the day.
      • Second offense – An adult must pick-up phone. 
      • Third offense – Lunch detention and an adult picks up phone. 
      • Fourth offense – Lunch detention, conference with parent and parent picks up phone. 
      • Fifth offense - phone will be required to be taken to the office at the start of the school day for one month. Students will be able to pick-up their phone at the end of the day.
    • Parents will be notified each time an electronic device is taken away after the first offense.

    Electronic devices include headphones/earbuds, phones, items that play music (including speakers).



    The counseling program at KBMS assists students in making adjustments in any area of life, whether it is school-related or personal.  Our counselor is available by appointment through the school office.  We want students to have a positive experience at KBMS.  If students are experiencing difficulties with any part of their day, we want to help.  This may include a student or parent meeting with the administrator and/or teachers, a schedule adjustment, academic interventions, individualized plans, peer mediation, or other creative solutions.  Parents are asked to communicate with the school immediately if they become aware of an issue that needs addressing.  The school also has drug and alcohol intervention services available to students. The mental health and well-being of each and every student is vital to a successful school year and life. We encourage healthy communication between our school, students and families regarding concerns.  Please call our office at (509) 588-2040 for additional information. 

    Health Services

    Students who become ill or injured during the day need to report to the office immediately with a pass from their teacher. If a student is ill, please be sure to stay home. The school does have the option of sending sick students home to prevent spreading of an illness.  Medications…To take any type of medicine at school, a student MUST have a Medication Request Form completed and signed by the doctor or dentist and parent/guardian, and delivered to the school office.  Washington State law allows school staff to give medication only in limited situations.  Students who need prescribed medications during the school day (including over the counter medications such as aspirin or cough drops) must keep these medications in the office for dispensing as needed.  State law requires that all medication be in the original prescription bottle and be delivered to the school by a parent/guardian.  Students carrying any medication on their person are in violation of state law and may face serious disciplinary consequences from the school.  This is a safety issue and we ask that all parents talk with their children regarding this policy.


    The KBMS Library provides services and resources to our students.  We offer assistance in many ways to help students become successful, independent users of a wide variety of resources. The facility is open during school for book check out and research, as requested by teachers and students.

    Special Service

    KBMS offers a full range of special services for students requiring extra assistance. IEPs and 504 plans are followed as discussed with the student’s case manager. If a concern should arise, please contact your child’s teacher or counselor. 

    Homework Center

    KBMS offers a setting for students to pursue additional assistance on schoolwork at lunch and after school. Teachers may assign students to the tutoring center for special assignments or projects. Students wishing to assign themselves should obtain permission from office staff. The staff in the tutoring center will assist students with assignments and classroom projects


    Absences & Tardies

    Regular attendance is important in middle school. Excessive absences and/or tardies can affect success in the classroom.  If absent, call 588-2044. To ensure the safety and whereabouts of students, parents should call the 
    attendance secretary daily by 9:00 am to notify the school if their child will not be in attendance and the reason for the absence. Messages may be left for the attendance secretary 24 hours a day. Please give student name and a brief reason for the absence (illness, dental appointment, etc.). The attendance secretary will be calling families if a student is absent from school. All students arriving on campus after the start of the school day must check in with the office.

    Student Absences

    • If parents have NOT informed the school as to the reason for the absence, students should bring a parent note to the office BEFORE school upon their return.
    • Excused absences are those relating to a family emergency or a medical condition.  Any other absences from school will be considered unexcused unless prior arrangements have been made through the administration. Students involved in weekend or evening activities are not excused from missing school the next day.  For 
      example, “I let my child sleep in due to exhaustion from their weekend basketball tournament,” is not an excused absence.
    • It is the student’s obligation to make-up any missing work during an absence. Students may check Microsoft Teams or contact their teachers about assignments. 

    Tardies To Class

    Students are expected to arrive on time and be prepared to participate. This includes being to school on time to start the day. The middle school policy for tardies is if a student is late for school or a class three times during a week, he/she will receive lunch detention. A student is considered tardy if he/she is not seated in class at the time the bell rings. Being on time is an important expectation for students. Tardies are proven to be a disruption to the learning process. Thank you for your support with helping students develop important life skills.

    Attendance Policy

    Effective September 1, 1995, the Washington State Legislature implemented truancy legislation known as the Becca Bill. According to this law, any child between the ages of 8 and 18 must attend school. If the child fails to attend school without valid justification, the following will occur: 

    1. Upon the first unexcused absence, the school will notify parents and review the consequences of further unexcused absences.
    2. After a second unexcused absence in one month, a parent conference will be scheduled in an attempt to resolve the problem.
    3. After seven unexcused absences in a month, or ten in a year, a truancy petition to juvenile court must be filed alleging violations to truancy laws by the parent, child, or both. The juvenile court may then insist on outside counseling at parent expense, juvenile detention time at parent expense, parent attendance at school with the student, school placement changes, or some other option.

    Excessive Absences

    If a student tends to have excessive “excused” absences due to illness, the school may require that a Medical Excuse Form be on file. Excessive absences are considered to be 10 or more absences during a semester or 15 in a year. Research has shown attendance is a more effective predictor of success and graduation at high school than grades. Students who miss an excessive amount of school are less likely to be successful long-term at school.  

    Early Dismissal

    Students should bring a signed note from a parent or guardian if it is necessary to leave school during the day for any special appointment. The note should state the reason and the time the student is to be excused. Students will bring the note to the office before school for an early dismissal slip. Parents must sign the student out through the office before leaving campus. Students will only be released to the adults listed on their Emergency Form. If circumstances change, please notify the school so the emergency information can be modified. Students will be called down to the office when the parent arrives to sign them out.


    Students missing school due to a vacation are asked to inform the principal with enough time so a plan can be established for teacher communication and work completion. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for any missed work not provided upon return to school.  Failure to do so may result in unexcused absences and grade change.


    Sporting Events

    During sporting events, students and spectators are expected to show respect for all participants, spectators, and each other. All school rules apply, including dress code. Students must respond immediately and appropriately to all adult and staff requests. Consequences for failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and/or suspension from participating in or viewing of future extra-curricular activities. 

    Evening Events

    All school policies will apply to evening events, such as concerts, celebrations, drama productions, activity nights etc. This includes adhering to the dress code and attendance policy. Students must be in school a full day to attend or participate in the event. If conduct at school results in disciplinary action, such as in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension, the student will be unable to participate.  Disciplinary situations at any evening event may result in additional consequences.

    Field Trips

    Students need to inform teachers when they will be gone from class on a field trip. Students are always responsible for making up late or missed assignments. All school rules, bus rules and policies apply on field trips.  

    Interscholastic Sports Programs

    (7th and 8th Graders)


    KBMS has a great sports program for girls and boys. The emphasis of sports at KBMS is student participation and improvement.  In order to participate, students must pass a physical examination given by a physician and complete necessary paperwork on the FinalForms website. Participants can register at htps://kiona-benton-wa.finalforms.com. Physical Examination Forms are available in the office and are valid for 2 years.  Students with outstanding fees and fines will not be cleared for participation. Student athletes will not be allowed to participate until all of their paperwork is complete. 

    Sixth grade students are allowed to compete in certain sports, under certain conditions

    KBMS-Athletic/Activity Code

    The middle school policy applies to all students who participate in athletic/school activities at KBMS. Athletic/activity programs exist to allow students to participate and represent their schools in educational, social, and recreational activities to further improve their abilities and to learn to cooperate and compete with others. These activities are performed in public and students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will reflect the high standards of KBMS, their team, and community.  When representing their school, students are expected to dress according to school guidelines and demonstrate mature conduct that will earn respect for themselves and KBMS. The definition of a sports season will be from the first day of practice until the completion of the season. Occasionally, it may be necessary to cancel practice. Whenever possible, students will be given one day’s notice to inform their parents. Please encourage your child to call home if practice has been cancelled.

    In order for a student to participate in practice and/or a game, she/he must attend school ALL day, including full participation in PE.  Students must be passing 5 of their 6 classes to be eligible. Grade checks will be performed on Thursday or Friday each week.  Students will have the weekend to submit any work to be eligible to participate the following week. All work must be turned in turned in on Monday in order to be considered eligible for the following week. A three-week probationary period allows ineligible students the chance to practice while they bring grades up to an acceptable level for students who have two or more Fs at the end of a quarter.  Students may not play in games during the probationary period. An athlete will become immediately ineligible for all athletic/activity programs if conduct at school results in disciplinary action, such as out-of-school suspension. Coaches may implement additional tutoring times as necessary. Students will have to meet with the coach and athletic director if they decide to withdraw from a sports program during the season. 


    Dress Code

    This dress code applies to all school functions.

    “Dress for Success.”

    Students’ clothing should be clean and promote a positive image for themselves and Kiona-Benton Middle School. The dress code applies to both male and female students. Extremes in dress and personal appearance, which tend to cause distraction, will not be tolerated. All styles of clothing designed to call undue attention to the wearer are not appropriate at school. While fashions change so quickly that specifics are difficult, the following are some general guidelines for dress. We ask that parents support our efforts when shopping for school clothes.

    • Any violation of the dress policy will result in students being sent to the office to address the issue. Students in violation of the dress code will be asked to call home. Families will be expected to provide appropriate clothing for students in violation of the dress code.
    • Scarves, bandanas, and hoods are not to be worn in the school building.
    • Shirts must completely cover midriffs, shoulders, backs and chests, and be made of fabric that is not transparent.
    • All skirts and shorts are to be mid-thigh length (fingertip length) without slits.
    • There should be no large holes or tears in student clothing that reveal undergarments or skin in a way that would otherwise violate this policy.
    • Undergarments must be covered at all times.
    • Shoes must be worn at all times. 
    • Sunglasses may not be worn in the building.
    • No - Gang-related clothing, styles, or accessories
    • No - Chains or long belts
    • No - Clothing, backpacks, or any accessories promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or with insulting, inappropriate, offensive or disrespectful messages may be worn. This includes nothing that is vulgar, or has sexual connotation on shirts, bracelets, jewelry, etc.”
    • No – Sagging Pants, pants must fit properly and be worn above the mid hip.
    • No - Pajama Pants or slippers.
    • No - Blankets or sheets.
    • No - Spandex, long underwear, bike or boxer shorts.
    • No - Spiked jewelry or large safety pins.
    • No - Writing or drawing with a marker/pen on students' clothing or skin.
    • Judging from the extreme nature or frequency of the offense(s), some students may face strict disciplinary consequences for violations of this dress code.

    PE Dress Expectations

    All KBMS students will be required to have PE Uniforms and gym shoes. Any students not following the dress code outlined in their PE guidelines will face consequences outlined by the PE staff, and a negative impact on their grades will result. A parent conference will take place if issues with PE uniforms continue for a student. 

    Lost and Found

    The office maintains a lost and found container. Each PE locker room has a lost and found barrel. Items not claimed will be donated to charity at the end of each quarter.


    Students riding their bikes to school are required to have a lock and park their bikes, skateboards and scooters in one of the designated areas.  All students riding their bikes or skateboards to KBMS are required to follow safe riding practices to and from school.  Riding bikes or skateboards on campus is prohibited.

    Gifts at School

    Students are asked not to exchange gifts at school.  The exchange of presents, flowers, stuffed animals and so on, causes disruption and is insensitive to other students.  Deliveries are also discouraged, but may be picked up by students after school.

    Guest Teachers

    Guest teachers (substitutes) are to be treated with respect. Students should be polite and helpful. Any disciplinary problems with a guest teacher will be handled as a serious offense.

    Telephone Use

    Students may use the office phone after receiving permission from an administrator or office staff member. Phones in the classrooms are to be used only with permission from the teacher in the class.  Please see the Electronic Devices Policy listed in this handbook regarding the use of personal cell phones. 

    School Agenda Use

    School Agendas are required of all KBMS students. These are used to communicate with parents, teach study skills, and record assignments in one place.  Students will be      expected to carry their school agenda in their binder every day at school.  Students need to have their signed agenda when they are in the hallway during class time.

    Attending Assemblies

    During school assemblies, students are expected to show respect for all the participants, spectators, and each other. All school rules apply, including dress code. Students must respond immediately and appropriately to all adults and staff requests. Consequences for failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and suspension from participating in future activities.

    Closed Campus

    KBMS is a closed campus.  Students must remain on school grounds and in designated areas at all times unless excused by a staff member. Once a student arrives on school grounds in the morning, they are not to leave the campus or designated areas without permission until school is dismissed. Non-KBMS students are not permitted on campus during school hours without permission granted through the office.

    After School

    Students are asked to leave campus by 3 p.m., unless in a supervised activity. Students staying for an activity are expected to be in that activity or leave the school grounds.
    Students will not be allowed to loiter on campus.

    Hallway Behavior

    Hallways open at 7:50 each morning, students are not allowed in these areas until this time. Students are not allowed in the hallways during the first and last 10 minutes of class. During passing times, students should not congregate in groups. They are to remain orderly, be respectful, and keep hands and feet to themselves. Throughout the school day, students needing to use the library, restroom, or other areas outside of the classroom must have a legitimate hall pass.  The doors located at the end of each hallway are for emergency exit only. 

    “Hands Off!”

    Students are expected to keep their hands and feet to themselves. Any form of wrestling or play fighting is prohibited. Public Displays of Affection (PDA) are not tolerated. These are defined as holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc. The staff will assist students in establishing appropriate contact with fellow classmates.

    Inappropriate Items

    Toys and other non-educational items are not allowed at school. Additionally, laser lights, roller blades, motorized vehicles of any kind, electronic devices including lighters, matches, sprays of any kind, and fingernail polish are also prohibited.  Cell phones silenced, preferably turned off and all other electronic devices should be turned off and placed into student backpacks upon entering the building. The administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of items not listed. These items will be taken away if brought to school and returned to a parent upon request or to the student at the end of the year.

    Buying or Selling

    No items are to be bought or sold without the consent and approval of administration.  Items will be confiscated without consideration for monetary loss if this occurs at KBMS. Fund-raising for outside activities is also not allowed.

    Don’t forget to register to participate in school sports on FinalForms. FinalForms can be found at the school district website at www.kibesd.org under athletics. 


    Students may request to have a locker; these lockers and their combinations should not be shared.  Once assigned a locker, students are not allowed to switch or trade with other students.  KBMS lockers are the property of the school and therefore defacing them will be considered “vandalism” and will result in disciplinary action. All items kept in lockers should be appropriate for school.  The school may conduct locker inspections and searches.  

    Caffeine and Related Substances

    Distribution or excessive use of caffeine, such as No Doze, caffeine pills, gum, chews, fortified drinks, espresso beans or any other substance containing more than a “normal” amount of caffeine, or caffeine-like substance, will be treated as a drug and consequences will follow accordingly.  A “normal” amount of caffeine is defined as the amount found in a soft drink.


    Students are asked to demonstrate courtesy and consideration for fellow students. Acceptable manners and civil behavior are to be used at all times. Panhandling is not allowed. Students are expected to pick up after themselves. Food and drink are allowed ONLY in designated areas. Students are to remain in designated lunchtime areas for eating and recreation.  Students in unsupervised areas during lunch will receive detention.

    Plagiarism and Cheating

    Plagiarism is the taking of language, ideas, or thoughts from another person or source and representing them as your original work. All students who use plagiarized papers or projects, or are involved in any other form of cheating, will be subject to disciplinary action and loss of credit for plagiarized assignment. Teachers will make contact with families letting them know about the situation. Further offenses will involve progressive discipline. 

    Emergency Drills

    Fire, earthquake, and lock-down drills are set up to help prevent injuries in the case of an emergency. These drills are required by law and will be held at regular intervals. All drills are to be taken seriously and students are to cooperate fully by practicing effective procedures to ensure the safety of all. Specific instructions for evacuation and response to such drills will be given at the beginning of the school year. In the event of a fire drill, all students are to exit the building immediately with their classes, line up quietly in their designated areas, and await further instructions. In the event of an earthquake or lock-down drill, students are to remain in a “hold” position as directed and wait for further instructions to be given.

    Student/Family Emergency Release Form

    In the event of a school emergency or natural disaster, it is very important that students and parents follow school district procedures so we may keep all children safe. Please fill out the “Student/Family Emergency Release Form” sent home at the beginning of the school year, which is to be returned promptly, as it will be used for releasing students per parent direction. 

    Please update throughout the year.  Remember, in the event of a school emergency or natural disaster it is very important that school district procedures and guidelines are followed so we may keep children safe. 

    Kiona-Benton City Middle School Student Laptop Expectations:

    1. CHARGE IT AND BRING IT You are encouraged to take the laptop home every day after school. If for some reason you do not have a secure place to store your laptop, please contact your teacher to make arrangements to store/charge it at school. Bring your laptop to school each day, fully charged and ready to use. Not doing so is the same as not coming to class prepared. Please leave the charging cable at home. 
    2. KEEP IT SECURE Do not let others use your laptop, username, password, or locker. Also, do not leave the laptop unattended in common areas like the gym, locker rooms, cafeteria, hallway, bathrooms, library, unlocked classrooms, etc. 
    3. AVOID DAMAGE Always keep your laptop in a safe place to avoid damage. This includes avoiding extreme temperatures (such as vehicles in the extreme heat or cold), sharp or heavy objects (even textbooks), food/drinks, and weather (rain and snow). It would be a good idea to carry your laptop in a plastic, waterproof bag in the event you are walking home in a downpour. 
    4. USE IT RESPONSIBLY Pictures and videos taken on the laptops should be for instructional purposes only. They may not be shared, posted, or published without permission. If students are found to be in violation of this expectation, disciplinary action will result, as well as consequences such as having the camera feature disabled. Keep all digital interactions and communication respectful and relevant to school. This is not the time or place to use social media. Bandwidth is limited. Avoid usage of streaming music or videos unless it is assigned by a teacher. 
    5. REPORT ISSUES IMMEDIATELY If your laptop becomes damaged, lost, or does not work properly, you must report it immediately to the Middle School Office. Do not take a district-owned laptop to an outside agency for repairs or maintenance. 
    6. USE IT RESPECTFULLY Take your eyes off the laptop when others are speaking. Follow each teacher's rules for technology use. Sound should be turned off on your laptop unless specific permission is given by the teacher. Earbud usage is also at the discretion of the teacher. 
    7. TAKE CARE OF IT The laptops are school district property and may not be defaced, destroyed, or personalized in any way. This includes stickers, markers, labels, etc. If for some reason you withdraw or leave the district, you must return the laptop. Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth. Do not spray anything on the laptop to clean it. If necessary, lightly mist a cloth and then wipe the monitor and/or keyboards to clean. You will use the same laptop at the start of each school year, so treat it with care. Carry it by the handle or with two hands, never by the lid/screen. 
    8. BROWSE SAFELY Internet access will be filtered while at home and at school. There are many ways to use the laptop offline if you do not have internet at home. Some of these things may require you download a document or turn on an “offline” feature while connected to the wi-fi at school. All rules and guidelines are in effect before, during, and after school hours, for all KBMS computers whether on or off the school campus. 

    *** The district’s Acceptable Use Policy must be followed at all times. ***

    Kiona – Benton Middle School Social Responsibility Program


    No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of others.  Do what is expected and do it the best that you can.

    Every student has the right to learn in a safe environment & all members of our school community are given:

    · The opportunity to do what is expected and do it the best they can.

    · The opportunity to learn in a positive caring environment.

    · The opportunity to make choices.

    · The opportunity to reflect and self-correct.

    · The opportunity to learn in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

    · The opportunity to make their day.

    Step Program


    Teachers may utilize the Step program to address behavior concerns for students not meeting expectations. The Step program consists of the following: 


    • Steps are “time-outs” for students to reflect on their choice and how that choice of behavior interfered with the learning, safety or well-being of others. 
    • Step 1:
      • Student is privately given permission by an adult to go to Step 1.
      • Student moves to a seat facing away from the current activity.
    • Step 2:
      • Student is given permission to move to Step 2 when student is not doing what is expected at Step 1 (sitting, facing away, and not interfering with the class).
      • After no more than 5 minutes, student is privately asked to state the behavior they chose that got them to Step.
      • If the student takes responsibility for the behavior and does not need more time, the student returns to the
    • Step 3:
      • Student is given permission to move to Step 3 when they are not doing what is expected Step 2 (standing, facing away, and not interfering)
    • Step 4:
      • A student chooses to go to Step 4 due to inappropriate behavior on Step 3 OR, due to automatic self-placement on Step 4 for choosing but limited to such behaviors as: Fighting - Willful disobedience - Abusive Language - Disrespect of Authority - Dangerous Play – Theft - Destruction of Property - Harassment/Bullying/ Intimidation
      • Students on Step 4 will be sent to the office. When choosing Step 4 a student is requesting that a parent be called for a phone conference After completing Back on Track form, the student and administrator will have a re-entry conference with the teacher. 

    Back on Track

    Back on Track is a formed used at the middle school to handle discipline matters. A Back on Track form is filled out after a staff member has tried to handle a problem with a student. The form is filled out by the staff member. The student is sent to the office. The student answers the questions on page 2 of the form. Students will talk with administration and make a phone call home to a family member. The phone call is meant as a way to make family members aware of the situation resulting in the office referral. After the phone call home, students will have a conference with the referring staff member to bring the situation to a resolution. All students sent to the office with a Back on Track form automatically receive lunch detention as a minimum consequence. 


    Building is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Office hours are from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

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    Inclement Conditions:  For information regarding late start or cancellation of school because of weather or emergency conditions tune in to radio stations: 102.7FM, 97.1FM, 870AM, 98.3FM, 105.3FM, 94.9 FM, 960AM, 106.5FM, 1340AM,95.7FM, 89.1FM, 89.7FM, 92.5FM, 1320AM, 100.9 for current information.  You can also get current information on local TV stations.  All information regarding weather and emergency conditions are posted on the district website at www.kibesd.org

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