Principal: Chuck Feth


    Here at Kiona-Benton Middle School, we believe that every student has the right to learn in a safe environment.


    All the members of our school community are given:

    ·        The opportunity to do what is expected and do it the best they can

    ·        The opportunity to learn in a positive caring environment.

    ·        The opportunity to make choices.

    ·        The opportunity to reflect and self-correct.

    ·        The opportunity to learn in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

    ·        The opportunity to make their day.



    No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of others.  Do what is expected and do it the best that you can.



    The rule and expectations summarize the philosophy of the Make Your Day Program atKiona-Benton Middle School.  The model is based upon the belief that every person within our school environment has the right to learn and feel safe without interference from others.  Children, teachers and parents can expect aschool climate that fosters learning.



    Earning Points:

    Purpose of earning points is to reward positive/appropriate behavior.  Points are earned, not taken away.  Teachers designate time periods when students assess their performance both academically and behaviorally by assigning themselves points.


    Sharing Concerns:

    Fellow students and the teachers have an opportunity to give feedback, if appropriate.  A concern is expressed when another student has directly interfered with their learning, safety or well-being.



    Steps are“time-outs” for students to reflect on their choice and how that choice of behavior interfered with the learning, safety or well-being of others. Step sare not punishment.

    Step 1:

    ·        Student is privately given permission by an adult to go to Step 1.

    ·        Student moves to a seat facing away from the current activity.

    ·        After no more than 5 minutes, student is privately asked to state the behavior they chose that got them to Step 1.

    ·        If the student takes responsibility for the behavior and does not need more time,the student returns to the activity.

    Step 2:

    ·        Student is given permission to move to Step 2 when they are not doing what is expected at Step 1 (sitting, facing away, and not interfering)

          Step 3:

    ·        Student is given permission to move to Step 3 when they are not doing what is expected at Step 2 (standing, facing away, not interfering)

    Step 4:

    ·        A student chooses to go to Step 4 due to inappropriate behavior on Step 3 OR, due to automatic Step 4 for choosing such behaviors as, but not limited to:

    ·        Fighting

    ·        Willful disobedience

    ·        AbusiveLanguage

    ·        Disrespect of Authority

    ·        Dangerous Play

    ·        Theft

    ·        Destruction of Property

    ·        Harassment/Bullying/Intimidation


    ·        When choosing Step 4 a student is requesting that a parent or guardian is called to school for a Step 4 conference.

    ·        Until the parent/guardian arrives, the student waits in a classroom called the “buddyroom”. 

          Step 5:

    ·        Astudent chooses Step 5 for:

    ·        Misbehavior while waiting in the Buddy Room.

    ·        Serious infractions outlined in the Kiona-Benton District Code of Conduct



    • When students choose to do what is expected and do it the best they can, they have the opportunity, several times during the day to award themselves points and “Make Their Day”.


    NOT MAKING YOUR DAY:              

    • A student does not make their day if they do not earn a pre-determined number of points.
    • Student takes home a form to describe what occurred.
    • The form provides parents the opportunity to discuss with their child the behaviors they chose that caused them to not make their day and then discuss alternative strategies or methods of correcting those behaviors.
    • The school does not expect parents to administer a consequence.
    • Mistakes, both behavioral and academic, are simply a learning opportunity.
    • Parents sign the form and student returns it the following day.


    On-line Resources for Parents: