• Hello to our new kindergarten families from Kris Hanson, your Primary Principal. 


    What a crazy year to be starting school. I know it must be stressful for you all. Please know that we are ready to welcome your student to school in this distance learning format. We wish so much it could be in person and are hoping beyond hope that we can all be face-to-face soon. With that said, we are working hard on creating a learning plan that will work for your student and your family. We know some parents are working, so we are building in flexibility and support. We will be spending some time doing screening for the first couple weeks of school. This means your child will be a KiBe kindergarten student, but there will be a delay in a specific class placement, or what is called their “homeroom.”  We are hoping we can figure out how to do a socially distant in person screening, but it may have to be over the phone or by video conference. We want to screen students before placing them in a "homeroom” just to make sure we make the absolute best decision for all our students. We are closely following the guidance of the state and the health department, so we will let you know more on this format soon. We want you to know we will be sending home learning kits and lesson plans to help with at home learning time, as we totally understand the importance of having hands on learning for our newest students. We also hope to have an online part for everyone to access, and again, we will be letting you know all the details soon. If you know anyone who still needs to register for kindergarten, our office is open starting on the 17th, so packets can be picked up and dropped off in our elementary office. There will be a ZOOM virtual Principal Q&A meeting next Tuesday, August 18th, at 5:30, if you have more questions for us. A link for that meeting will be shared on the website.  


    Again, please know how excited we are to welcome your students to be part of our Kibe Primary family. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


    Kris Hanson

    Primary School Principal