Kiona-Benton City Primary School – 588-2090

    Linda Hardy, Principal   

    Sharryl Corriell, Office Manager    Christine Huber, Attendance Secretary


    September, 2016

    Dear Primary Parents,

    This is the first quarter newsletter for the families of the primary students (preschool through second grade) at Kiona-Benton City Primary School.  In this issue, I will be sharing some important information and news about upcoming events this quarter.

    I am pleased to be starting my second year here and look forward to meeting those of you who are just joining us this year.  Our mission statement above means that we will focus all of our efforts on making sure students are safe and learning at our school.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns – we want to have a high level of customer satisfaction and you and your family are our favorite customers!



    Linda Hardy,

    Primary Principal




    Kindergarten:                                                First Grade:                     

       Mrs. Davis         Rm. 137                               Mrs. Alvarado    Rm. 130 

       Mrs. Elliott         Rm. 134                              Ms. Cortez          Rm. 131

       Mr. Martinez      Rm. 139                              Mr. Holloway     Rm. 132

       Mrs. Phelps         Rm. 138                              Miss King            Rm. 116

       Mrs. Repko          Rm. 135                              Mrs. Meredith   Rm. 133

       Mr. Vargas           Rm. 129

    Second Grade:                                                Preschool:

        Mrs. Henderson  Rm. 120                             Mrs. McCloud  --  ECEAP

        Mrs. Lyon-Rau     Rm. 122                             Mrs. Harding --  Developmental

        Ms. Olson             Rm. 118                                                          Preschool

        Mr. Smith             Rm. 121

        Mrs. Vigil-Rodriguez   Rm. 117

    Dean of Students – Mrs. Thompson                    ELL Teacher(K-5) – Mr. Romero

    Counselor (K-5)  -- Mrs. Dabney                           RTI Teacher (K-5) – Mrs. Cruz

    Primary Resource Room – Mrs. Schmidt            RTI Teacher (K-5) – Mrs. Taylor

    Library (K-8)  --  Mrs. Alexander                           District Nurse – Mrs. Mattson

    P.E. (K-5) --  Mrs. Thomas

    Music (K-5) – Mrs. Page                                                                         

    Computer Teachers(K-5) – Mrs. Haugland and Mrs. Watkins

    Math Coach (K-5) – Mrs. Ashley


    READ WITH YOUR CHILD – Each month we will be sending home a record-keeping sheet for you to record minutes read with your child each day.  The goal is twenty minutes per day at least five days a week.  The research on learning reports that children who read regularly become better readers – we really appreciate you making time each day to share reading. 

    POSITIVE PAWS PROGRAM – Each month we will have an assembly to recognize   two students per classroom for their progress on individual learning and behavior goals.  We will invite you to attend when your child is being honored.  Students will receive certificates and special pencils.

    GOOD CHARACTER BUILDING PROGRAM – Each month we will select a good character trait and emphasize that trait in our school in a variety of ways.  One student will be selected from each class each month who has especially demonstrated the trait of the month in their behavior and we will recognize that student at the Positive Paws assembly.

    READ WITH THE PRINCIPAL – One day a week students will be invited to the office to read with me.

    LUNCH WITH THE PRINCIPAL – One day a week one student per class will be chosen by the teacher to come have lunch with me.  I will send a note home so you know about this special event.

    ATTENDANCE AWARDS – We will be starting to acknowledge perfect attendance each quarter and also for the entire year.  We know that attendance is so important to learning because if students are not here, they are missing out on learning.  PLEASE make every effort to have your child in school EVERY DAY unless they are sick.  It is also important to avoid TARDIES – our day starts at 8 A.M. and important things start happening in every classroom right away!




    Nine of the primary classrooms are piloting a program in discipline called Love and Logic.  It is similar to Make Your Day in that it emphasizes no child having the right to interfere with the safety or learning of another.  It is different in that it does not use steps or points, but instead is based on helping each child take responsibility for their actions and make better choices.  The Love and Logic program is closely linked to the relationship between the child and teacher.  We will be having a Love & Logic Parenting class later this year for those parents who would like some tips to help their children.


    We have new PTO officers and would love to have more parents involved in the group.  Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at 3 P.M. in the library.  There are two special activities in the planning stages for October.  One is a fundraiser for school memorabilia – all items will be related to our bear mascot.  The other is a Halloween carnival to be held on the evening of Oct. 28.  If you would like to help with these or other activities, please contact:

                      President:  Ashlea Carlin   222-4422; Kibepto@yahoo.com



    Open House                       Sept. 20 -- 6-7 P.M.

    Fall Bar-b-q                         Sept. 23

    Positive Paws assembly   Sept. 29   – 1:30 P.M.

    NO SCHOOL – Workshop Day – Oct. 14

    School Pictures                  Oct. 20;    Retakes – Nov. 4

    Bear Fundraiser                 Oct. 13-28

    Halloween Carnival           Oct. 28

    Conference Week              Oct. 31 -- Nov. 4    --   Early Release every day – 12:10 P.M.

    CRT Wednesdays               Early release 12:40 P.M. – every Wed. except Dec. 14, Jan. 4, June 7