• Reading is the Ticket


    Dear Ki-Be Family


    Your child can earn a free admission to Silverwood Theme Park this summer!


    Kiona-Benton City Elementary and Middle School is taking part in an exciting program that’s designed to get your child reading for fun!  It’s the Reading is the Ticket Countdown Club.  Every student who completes 10 hours or 600 minutes of recreational reading will earn a ticket good for free admission to Silverwood Theme Park.  It’s fun, it’s easy, and it doesn’t cost a thing!


    Here’s how it works:

    ·         Students in grades K-8 in participating schools are eligible to join the club.


    ·         Your child brought home a Tally Sheet with a letter describing this program.  Use this sheet to write down all the things he or she reads, and the number of minutes your child spends reading.  Then date and initial each reading session.  This sheet must be signed by a parent or family member and returned when completed or your child may not be awarded a ticket.


    ·         Make sure your child reads for at least 600 minutes or 10 hours total over the course of the next several weeks.


    ·         Reading must be completed by the date written on the program letter (March 21st, 2012 @ 3:00pm) and on the front of the Tally Sheet.  Your child MUST turn ALL SIGNED Tally Sheets in to his or her teacher by this date—in order to be eligible for the free ticket.


    ·         Reading to complete school assignments doesn’t count for the Countdown Club.  But any other reading—books, comic books, magazines, newspapers, you name it—counts, provided it’s recreational reading.


    ·         You can read to your child, your child can read aloud to you, or your child can read alone.  It all counts toward the 10 hours for the Club.


    ·         If your child completes 10 hours of reading and turns in the Tally Sheets on time, he or she will receive a ticket good for 1 free child’s admission to Silverwood Theme Park!  Everyone who completes 600 minutes of reading will earn a free admission ticket!  There are no obligations, and there’s no cost to you!  Tickets earned may only be used by the child who earned them—they are not transferable to another sibling or a parent/adult.  Tickets will be valid from June 9th—September 30th, 2012, excluding Saturdays in July and August.


    We hope that you take part in this exciting program:  It’s a great way to motivate your child to read and to get ready for a day of family fun at Silverwood Theme Park!