• Parent/Student Handbook 2016-17

    I am so happy that you are visiting the site of the Kiona-Benton City Primary School and reading the information in our current handbook. At our school, we are committed to providing a safe environment and a successful learning experience for all students, preschool through second grade.

    Our mission statement, "Kids Come First at Ki-Be Primary" stands for the fact that our staff is dedicated to a team approach to make school achievement a reality for all students.  We also believe that learning should be a fun experience so you will see ways in which we are striving to make education at our school enjoyable for children.
    Having parents on the team with our school staff is very important to us.  This means that we all work together to help each and every child. Along these lines, we truly appreciate your help and support.  We have included in this handbook a number of ways in which you can become involved to be a part of your child's education. 
    Linda Hardy, Primary Principal 
Last Modified on December 7, 2016