September, 2016

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Ki-Be Primary School!

    Our mission statement is “Kids Come First at Ki-Be Primary.”  What this means to us is that the safety and education of our students is our first priority. 

    We are hopeful that you will agree to be part of the team to provide a quality educational experience for your children.  Ways to do this include being active in our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), communicating with the school and your child’s teacher to share information and being aware of the policies and procedures of the school and district.

    Along with parent involvement, another focus this year will be attendance.  Children cannot learn if they are not here so we will be doing a variety of things to promote children being here and being on time every day unless they are sick. 

    The primary school handbook will be posted soon on the district website – please do check it to get information about the school. 

    Please call me if I can help you or clarify school information.


    Linda Hardy

    Primary Principal