• Course Syllabus

    8th Grade History will consist of United States History, covering the era’s of colonization through WWII.


    My expectations are that each student will come to my class 100% prepared, meaning that they will have their notebook, text book, writing utensil and their completed assignment. I do not give partial credit for partial work, so if the assignment is not 100% completed, students will receive a zero grade. Students will be provided with plenty of class time to complete the majority of the daily assignments. I also provide accordingly for extended assignments.  I also expect students to bring with them a positive and supportive attitude to class. My goal is for each student to be successful in my class and to be prepared for the next level when they leave here.


    Students will fill out their agenda’s on the first day of the week for the entire week. I will sign off on their agenda’s on this day as well. If yourchild is going to be gone during that week, they can still complete the assignments necessary. Our textbook is also available online (www.pearsonsuccessnet.com).   I will set up each student with their login information. The online textbook also provides several extended activities, as well as quizzes to assist in student success. This will also save on the weight of their backpacks.


    It is important to attend all classes as we will be moving quickly and necessary information may be missed if you are not in class. I use a lot of present day examples to define historical events, making the information more graspable for you students. We also partake in classroom discussion to assist in retention of information and to clear up any confusion should students have any.


    If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to ask for missing assignments. You will have the same number of days to complete the assignments as you were absent. It is also YOUR responsibility to turn these assignments in. If the assignments are not turned in, a zero grade will be entered into the grade book representing this.


    The P.A.S.S. program will be updated every 2 days. I also send home progress reports for parent signatures every 2 weeks. My grading system will bea 60/40 split – 60% of their grade will come from assessments, and 40% from classwork. It is essential that students complete all expected assignments.


    I recommend that you have a 3 subject spiral for my class only. One section will be identified as Notes, one as Assignments, and one as Misc. I fyou do not have a multi-subject spiral, you should have a 3 ring binder for my class with the identifications of Notes, Assignments, Tests/Quizzes. Please do not use the spiral for my class for any of your other classes.

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