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Course Expectations



Physical Education/Weights





STAFF:          Mr. Woods                             E-mail:

                                                                        Phone: 588-2149

                        Mr. Johnson                          E-mail:





·         Work hard!   (effort and particitpation)

·         Display positive sportsmanship at all times. (attitude)

·         Be dressed down every day. Everyone dresses down daily, loaner clothes are provided if needed. (responsibility)

·         Be on time. (punctuality)




·          T-shirt with sleeves, no t-shirts with slits down the side or sleeveless.

·         Shorts or Sweat pants (school colors would be great).

·         Gym shoes are to be laced and tied firmly. The more support, the better. Sandals, flip-flops, and shoes with heels are unacceptable for reasons of safety and performance.

·         Underwear should not be visible…that’s why it is called underwear. See KBHS dress code.


  1. Excused Absences and Make-ups: if an absence is excused, the student can earn his/her points back by doing a

 Make up.


    1. In order to gain back missed points because of an absence you must make up the activity you missed during BEAR TIME (in order to make up your point):

* Students will make up whatever was missed during bear time. Example: Student missed Monday which was a mile run, student will then run a mile during bear time in order to make-up the point missed for that absence.

*If needed students can arrange alternative make up times, as long as the student discusses it with Mr. Woods.


    1. Within the last 3 weeks of the term a maximum of 4 make-ups can be made up. Make sure to stay up to date with make-ups (don’t try and wait until the last month to make up missed points).
    2. Pre-excused absences must be made up ahead of time unless otherwise discussed with Mr. Woods.
    3. After the 9th absence of the semester, make up work requirements will double.
    4. All make-up work must be completed 1 week prior to mid semester and 1 week prior to finals week.





Your grade in this class is based on daily participation, attitude, work ethic, punctuality, and cognitive understanding of the fitness principles taught in class.  There are 45 points possible per semester.


A (100-93%) = 45-43           B+ (89-87%) = 40-39          C+ (79-77%) = 35                   D+ (69-67%) = 31         F (59-0%) = 28-0  

A- (92-90%)= 42-41              B (86-83%) = 38-37           C (76-73%) = 34-33                  D  (66-60%) = 30-29

                                                  B- (82-80%)= 36                 C- (72-70% = 32










  1. Unexcused Absences: In the event of an unexcused absence, 2 points will be deducted and you will not be given an opportunity to make-up the points. DO NOT SKIP MY CLASS!



  1. Tardiness: The first tardy of the semester will result in a fitness requirement but no points will be deducted unless the fitness requirement is refused by the student. After the first tardy all other tardies will result in a one point deduction along with a fitness requirement for each. If tardiness becomes a problem, detention will also be assigned. It is important that you get to class on time, DAILY.



  1.  Inappropriate behavior or language, inappropriate treatment of others or equipment, lack of effort, negative attitude, etc.: Although this is rarely a problem, point deductions can occur along with fitness requirements. Harassment and/or sexually inappropriate behavior will be reported directly to the principal.



  1. Cognitive Understanding: There will be several quizzes. Students must score a competency level of 80%minimum; otherwise there will be a one point grade deduction. Test retakes will be provided at bear time/lunchtime if requested by the student.   The written work, although not difficult, is designed to help you learn more about yourself, give you a better understanding of basic fitness concepts, and motivate you to make educated fitness, nutrition, and weight control decisions that will positively affect you now and in the future.



Dressing Down/Locker Room Dismissal: If you forget your clothes, shoes, or socks, I have clean “loaner” clothes that you can borrow for the day. Dressing down is not “optional.” Every student will dress down every day.

Students must leave a deposit for loaners: I-pod, cell phone, car keys or something of real value. This is to ensure that the loaners are returned. Students are allowed 5 minutes to dress down before and after class. Leaving the locker room for class will occur all together after students are allowed 5 minutes to dress down. After class students also get 5 minutes to dress down but will remain in the locker room until the bell has rang.


Medical Excuses: If you are injured or ill, you may be excused from participating in P.E. If you need to be excused for a couple of days, a note from your parent stating the problem will be accepted. You must bring me the note THAT day. After three days, a note from your physician will be required (School District Policy). “Medically excused” days need to be made up in the same way excused absences are made up.


Checking Student Progress:    Check your grade online at any time! I update them weekly. Grades will be posted every 2 weeks for students to stay up to date. Any questions about your grade don’t hesitate to ask, I am always willing to discuss your grade with you.