• Middle School

    For the academic year (2012-13) 25,350 students applied for the College Bound Scholarship and 21,840 had complete applications on file with the Council leaving 3,510 students with incomplete applications(missing income and/or signatures). Seventy-two percent of the students submitted paper applications and 28% applied online. Nearly 4,800 more applications were submitted this year than last year. The number of eligible students, 36,200, is nearly identical to last year.  


    High School 

    It is important to remember the basics of the College Bound Scholarship:


    * Students do not have to graduate with their class, but they must graduate from high school with a cumulative 2.0 GPA. GEDs are not permissible.


    * Students do not have to use the Scholarship right after graduation, but they must enroll in college no later than the fall term (as defined by the college) one academic year following high school graduation.(For example, students in the Class of 2013 must be enrolled in college by fall 2014).


    * College Bound is a four-year scholarship (8 semesters,12 quarters) that must be used within 5 years of high school graduation. A bachelor’s degree is the highest degree students can earn.  Students may earn an approved degree or certificate at a Washington public community or technical college, public four-year institution, an approved, independent college or university, or a private school. There are 68 eligible institutions that accept the College Bound scholarship dollars; for a list, visit:



    * Students must be U. S. citizens and have a SSN; or be eligible non-citizens with the required documentation.  Participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are eligible for the State Need Grant, and will need to file the W.A.S.F.A. form.  See links under undocumented students for more information.

    For answers to more Scholarship questions, please click this link:


Last Modified on October 24, 2014