• Bus Rules and Regulations

    School Bus Discipline Policy

    All students attending the Kiona-Benton Schools and meeting the eligibility requirements for bus transportation prescribed by the district are entitled to use the transportation facilities of the district so long as their conduct is not detrimental to the safety and welfare of others or to the safe operation of the school bus. Rules for passenger conduct on school buses will be published annually and will be made available to each student at the beginning of each school year. These rules will also be posted in each bus. If suspension is warranted the procedures relating to suspension as adopted by the board shall be followed.

    Passenger conduct on school buses (rules and procedures)
    1. Passenger Conduct - Passengers shall refrain from:
      1. Excessive noise and activities.
      2. Harassment of bus driver.
      3. Fighting or abusive body contact (i.e., slapping, hitting, poking, shoving, tripping, pulling hair, etc.) on the bus, at the bus stop, or when loading or unloading the bus.
      4. Using unauthorized exits such as, emergency doors or windows.
      5. Using vulgar or profane language or obscene gestures.
      6. Disrespect, verbal or physical abuse of the bus driver or other passengers.
      7. Failing to obey driver.
      8. Damaging or defacing bus (parents of pupils damaging school buses will be responsible for proper reimbursement to the school district.)
      9. Littering of any kind.
      10. Eating or drinking on the bus.
      11. Sitting in the drivers seat or being to the immediate left or right of the driver.
      12. Other actions which create disturbances or are detrimental to safe riding.
      13. Chewing tobacco.
      14. Portable radios are not permitted unless used with headphones. The school bus radio may be operated at the driver's discretion.
      15. No pupil shall open a window on the school bus without first getting permission from the school bus driver.
    2. Unacceptable hazards that may cause injury - Passengers shall refrain from:
      1. Using other than emergency exit procedures as established by the emergency exit drills in the event of an emergency.
      2. Unauthorized opening, closing, or tampering of any kind with doors, windows, emergency exits, or emergency equipment.
      3. Pupils are to remain seated while the bus is in motion and are not to get on or off the bus until the bus has come to a full stop.
      4. No pupil shall at any time extend his head, hands, or arms out of the windows, whether the school bus is in motion or standing still.
      5. Each pupil must see that his arms, legs and personal belongings are kept out of the aisles.
      6. Lighting matches smoking, or using any type of flame or sparking device on the bus.
      7. Throwing objects in, out of, or at the bus.
      8. Transporting live animals, reptiles, or insects except for seeing-eye dogs.
      9. Transporting firearms or heavy, sharp, bulky, and/or other articles that may be hazardous to other passengers, (i.e., glass, large radios, toys), particularly in the event of an accident or an emergency stop. Large class projects may be transported if they fit in the luggage compartment and don't present a hazard.
    3. Passengers shall maintain safe bus stop procedures. Pupils must leave the bus in an orderly manner. They must not cross the highway until given consent by the school bus driver. When boarding or leaving the bus, the students should be in view of driver at all times. Pupils must cross the highway only in front of the bus and never behind it.
      Passengers must refrain from:
      1. Indulging in any improper bus stop procedures (i.e. not lining up, throwing rocks, playing in the street, damaging property at the bus stops, rushing the bus before it stops, etc...).
      2. Using other than the regularly designated bus stop without school permission.
      3. Other actions which create disturbances or are detrimental to others.
      4. Pupils should leave home early enough to arrive at the bus stop 5 min. before the bus is due. Pupils are not to run errands between the bus stop and their home.
      5. Pupils who have to walk some distance along the highway to the bus loading zone, where practicable, must walk on the left-hand side facing oncoming traffic. This will also apply to pupils leaving the bus loading zone in the evening.
    4. WAC 392-145-045 Emergency Drills. (1) Emergency drills conducted pursuant to WAC 392-145-040 shall:
      1. Make allowance for individual differences in exiting the emergency door.
      2. Provide instruction to helpers that they should offer a helping hand palm up and avoid grasping a student's hand or arm.
      3. Be timed to assure that procedures provide for an orderly and expedient exiting from the vehicle.
    Rules for Students Riding School Buses
    1. The bus driver has the final authority and responsibility for the behavior of students on a bus. However, when a teacher, coach, or other certified staff member is assigned to accompany students on a bus, such person shall be primarily responsible for the behavior of students in their charge. (WAC 392-145-015). However, the driver shall have the final say.
    2. Items that are large, heavy, breakable, containing flammables, or that could otherwise adversely affect the safety of the bus and passengers shall not be transported in the passenger area of any school bus. Examples: musical instruments, sticks, breakable containers. Pop bottles, glass jars, etc. are not allowed at all. (WAC 35-145-015).
      Suspension of Bus Riding Entitlement/Procedures

      When in the judgment of the driver, suspension is warranted in accordance with District Policy, the following procedure will be followed:

      1. Suspension may begin the day after the misconduct occurred. In other words, the student transported to school, must be returned to his/her regular stop.
      2. The bus driver must complete the conduct form and phone the parents upon returning to the transportation department.
      3. The bus driver will present the original copy of this report to the transportation supervisor for discussion and decision on punishment.
      4. The transportation department will mail copies to the student's parent, school, and bus driver.
        • 2nd Report:
          • Follow above procedure
          • 5 day suspension
        • 3rd Report:
          • Follow previous procedure
          • 30 day suspension
          • Parent conference if necessary
        • 4th Report:
          • Follow previous procedure 30 day or rest of school year suspension Parent conference if necessary