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    Updates will be made soon for the 2016 season

    KBMS will start their season immediately after the last football game.  Our first day of tryouts will be on Thursday October 27th at 3 pm.  Our boys will need to have all of their paperwork into the office and their ASB fee ($10) paid in order to participate.  Also, any Fall sports participants will have to turn in all gear and be cleared by that coach in order to practice that first day.  There will be an informational meeting for the players on Wednesday, October 21st during lunch.  The first games will be on Thursday, November 10.  I will attach a schedule to this page for your convenience.
    Kiona-Benton Middle School fields 3 middle school teams.  Separate 7th grade, 8th grade, and a combine 7th-8th grade C team. Rick Harding is the Head Coach, he oversee the middle school basketball program. Questions or concerns regarding basketball should start with him. He can be reached by email at rharding@kibesd.org

    The assistant coaches are  Clark Brown and Mike Neumann. Their can also be reached by email at cbrown@kibesd.org and mneumann@kibesd.org.  The  teams usually travel together and play back to back games with the 7th grade and C games starting at 4 PM followed by the 8th grade.


Last Modified on October 25, 2016