• English IV

    Reading List:

    "Macbeth"         "The Taming of the Shrew"           "Beowulf" (Online version)

    We will be reading a number of short stories, novels, and essays.


    This course is a Senior level course. Materials will cover British and world literature.


    The purpose and objective of English class is to challenge you into working hard to set,maintain, and achieve high goals in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, writing, and literature in order to prepare you for what lies beyond your high school years.


    Learning is a cooperative, communal,and lifelong endeavor. Questioning is essential to learning. Challenge what you learn. However, be mindful of the fact that others may differ with your opinions.Think before you speak. Look for textual validation. Make connections.Participation will figure into your grade based upon completed classroom activities, note taking, and the like.


    Inappropriate activity will not be tolerated.Some common examples that interfere with participation are: sleeping, doing homework in class when time has not been allotted, working on other class assignments, writing notes, use of electronic devices, eating food, doing one's make-up or hair, etc. Consequences will follow.


    You simply do not have the right to interfere with another persons ability to learn.


    In class reading: Periodically, time will be allocated for silent reading. Use this time well as with a shorter schedule this year, this silent reading time will be rare. Actions that impede upon another persons ability to complete this activity will not be tolerated. Likewise, we will often read out loud. This is often a graded procedure. Respectful, responsible behavior is the norm.

    Grade Scale and Policy:

    Gradesare posted to the internet every Thursday or Friday afternoon. 


























    All assignments are to be completed and turned in on the date they are due. No late work is accepted.  Work handed in after the due date will be considered late and worth zero points.


    If a student has more than 3 missing assignment, it will be recommended that the student attend the GEAR-UP after school tutoring.


     60% = PASSING GRADE


     It is important to note that while I understand and appreciate the importance of grades, I also recognize that there is a proper time and place for discussion of an individual student's score. I am more than willing to meet with any student, at a time that is convenient for both, provided it is done outside class time. Further, it is important that students check their scores carefully, record their scores, and retain all test papers and assignments. You cannot prove you completed the assignment if you do not have it to show me as evidence!

    Do NOT wait until the last 6 weeks before graduation to worry about your grade. Maintain it everyday and worry about it NOW instead of later. Procrastination will prevent you from graduating!


    Extra Credit:

    On occasion, students will be offered an extra credit option. This will only be offered to those students who regularly complete assignments; students who are not willing to complete assigned work will not be granted extra credit.

    Extra Credit is not meant to take the place of work that has not been completed. It is merely an enhancement of the assigned curriculum.


    Students are expected to follow the guidelines as set forth in the student handbook. I will restate several to reiterate their importance in my classroom as well.

    Cheating/ Lying:  Cheating shall be defined as giving or receiving information on a test or submitting duplicate work for outside assignments. Using technology (i.e.: cell phones, internet, computer, PDA,calculator, or any other electronic device) to cheat or copy the work of another is prohibited.  The penalty for a student found cheating is a ZERO on the test or assignment.  Plagiarism consists of using another person's ideas or writing's as the students own. Plagiarism is a form of cheating and the penalty is a ZERO on the assignment.  Students caught cheating will be referred to the principal for disciplinary action.

    Computer Abuse/Misuse:Any action which causes physical damage to a computer or use of the computer/network that is detrimental to the function of the computer/network. Using someone password - other than your own - to access their files is computer misuse. Inappropriate use and/or access to the Internet will result in disciplinary action and the loss of Internet privileges.


    My expectations are simple:

    Be here, work hard and succeed!

    Yours should be the same.


    You are expected to be prepared for class. This includes:

    • Mandatory attendance; unless otherwise excused.
    • In seat and quiet by tardy bell - if you are not in your seat you are marked tardy.
    • Necessary supplies: pencil, paper,notebook, text, etc.
    • Attention directed to speaker or writing assignment.
    • Respectful of your fellow students, teacher, and classroom environment; including desks,tables and chairs, window shades, all texts, and other classroom essentials


    You are responsible for contacting me or making arrangements to complete work for days absent. Previously scheduled tests and assignments will be taken the day the student returns. Seniors need to be especially mindful of absenteeism as it can affect your ability to graduate.


    The ability to communicate effectively is essential to one's success in the world today. How we communicate reveals much about who we are and how we view our relationship to the larger community.Remember where you are and what your role is. Your job is to participate in a free, open and respectful learning environment. My job is to ensure that such an environment exists.


    When dealing with others, remember the ancient proverb of physicians: first of all, do no harm. Maintaining a positive and appropriate learning environment is essential.


    Language that is offensive, abusive, or obscene will not be tolerated. Likewise, language that promotes sexual, social,or racial bias will not be tolerated and result in immediate disciplinary action, including removal from class.

    Other Classroom Information:

    • No food or drink in class. You may have bottled water, but it must be clear and not flavored.
    • There is a NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES policy in the school except before school, during lunch, and after school.