The Industrial Arts program offered at Kiona-Benton City High School focuses on exposing students to the vast world of wood related technologies, processes, and wood products industries and careers.  Students engage in a varity of projects, starting with simple and basic joinery, and then progressing to more advanced constructions.  During the construction process of the projects, students learn and apply mathematical and engineering concepts that typically apply to the real world.
    Woods I
    In this woods class, student will be required to complete a series of projects, about five or six, starting with a simple book shelf and finishing with a small jewelry box.  Each project is intended to expose students to the majority of the machines and tools in the shop environment.  Depending on the student and their comfort level, students are allowed to progress throught the required projects at their own speed.  Some of the Woods I projects are shown below.
    stool 1cutting brd 1stool 2box 1BOOKSTAND
    Woods II - Adv.
    This class is a continuation of the Woods I class and offers students more flexibility to expand their woodworking skills and machining techniques.  There is typically a couple of required projects that students must complete at anytime during the course timeline.  Students have considerable more options of projects that they wish to engage in, with instructor approval.  Also, there are many opportunities for students to engage in "shop" projects that the instructor leads.  Example of these involve set construction for the school drama program,  trophies for the local community, cabinets for outside customers, etc.  Completion of Woods I is required.  Examples of students projects are below.
    brook 2jimmy 1trophies1 set 1table 1
    This is the first year that Kiona-Benton City High School woods/engineering program has incorporated guitar building into its' curriculum.  Students engage in the actual construction of a solid body electric guitar and leave with a playable instrument.  During the construction process, students also learn all the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)  that goes into how and why guitars work.  Students purchase a guitar kit at the cost of $175.00, a fraction of what it would cost to part-it-out, and begin shaping, painting/finishing, soldering of electronics, fretting, assembling, tuning, etc.  Students who are more adventurous have the opportunity to design and mill (with CNC) their own guitar bodies and/or necks and heads.
    One of the more truly exciting elements of the guitar build is the "SWIRL DIPPING" process of painting guitar bodies.  The photos below are true indication of this fancinating, surprising, and totally "rock-n-roll" process.  Generally speaking, this new opportunity for students to engage in is taking off and is VERY AWESOME! 
    This new guitar building program is sweeping across the country and Washington state.  Locally, several high schools around the area including Richland, Hanford, and Pasco high schools are all joining in with the guitar building curriculum.  We are all working together to create a sustainable and exciting program for students to get motivated about (STEM) while building a cool playable instument. 
    Rock On Dudes and Dudettes!
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     Hey Everyone!  If you are interested in coming into the shop to see this exciting new program, please shoot me a call (588-2160) or email (dlake@kibesd.org) and let me know when you can visit.  The door is always open...really, please come!

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