• Tri-Tech Skills Center offers Juniors and Seniors an opportunity to get a head start on a career and after high school training.  Students learn skills to be successful in entry-level jobs while at the same time earning high school credits. In addition most programs offer college credit through the Tech Prep system. Students who successfully complete a program can earn up to 1.5 occupational and/or elective credits each semester. Some programs offer English, Math, Science and/or Fine Arts equivalency credits for successful completion of the 2nd consecutive semester in the same program. Bus transportation is provided to programs at Tri-Tech, but not for Cosmetology taught at Victoria’s Academy in Kennewick. Students planning to enroll in a Tri-Tech course must meet with their counselor to complete an application form and to ensure that there are openings in the program. There are a limited number of openings at Tri-Tech each semester available to Ki-Be students. For more detailed program information, visit TRI TECH HOMEPAGE.


Last Modified on July 23, 2018