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  • November 2021 Message from Superintendent Peterson

    Posted by Pete Peterson on 11/28/2021

    (As published by the West County Times)

    Good afternoon Ki-Be community members,

         We have finished our Fall activities and are excitedly moving into our Winter sports seasons, along with scheduling some holiday concerts at the middle school and high school. We have not had those for a couple years now, so it will be a blessing to be able to attend those this year. Please check the school calendars as well as our district calendars for dates and times. Please remember that all visitors and patrons during these events must be masked while indoors on school property regardless of your vaccination status.

          The district will be advertising for any interested individual who lives in voting district #5 who would like to apply to fill the vacant School Board position that went unfilled in the last election. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact me at the District Office, or send me an email and we can schedule a time to talk.

         It is only mid-November, but we have already seen our first bit of sleet the other day. With that in mind, parents, remember to listen for a phone call and check your emails in the mornings when inclement weather hits. We are out early to check road conditions, and we will always try to make a call on a delay or cancellation as early as possible. This also would be a good time to verify with your school that all of your contact information is up to date.

        While parents are getting their kids ready for school each morning and dropping them off, I would remind all of our community members that we have two main crossings across SR225 in front of the elementary/middle school, and we ask that you are extra vigilant and mindful of our crossing guards. Students and pedestrians at those crossings do have the right of way while in a crosswalk, and our crossing guards have to ensure that traffic is stopped, so please heed their flags when going through the school zone.

         In December, we will be organizing a committee to review the state of all district facilities and buildings. If you are a person with a background related to construction or facilities management, or you are simply an interested community member, you can go to our website after Thanksgiving and get more details. We will not ask for much time, no more than 90 minutes a month during which time we can take tours of the schools themselves and let community members see the current conditions of our buildings. The goal will be to have a committee make a recommendation to the school board about the communities priority for improving any facilities and recommending the timeframes for improvement.

         As always, please feel free to contact me via email at pete.peterson@kibesd.org or give me a call at 588-2000 or 308-5052 if I can be of assistance. I hope that all of our community has a great holiday season and best wishes in the new year!

    Pete Peterson,

    Superintendent of Schools

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  • Fall 2021 Message from Superintendent Peterson

    Posted by Pete Peterson on 9/1/2021


    (As published by the West County Times)

    Dear Kiona-Benton City Community Members,

        We are off to a fast and furious start this year! While we are still in masks, I can say for sure that our staff is excited to be starting the school year with a little bit of normalcy. The kids I have talked to in passing all seem very happy to be back as well! Our school sports teams are competing hard and I must say it is wonderful to see the kids engaged in school and athletics. You are always invited to come support our kids!

         Just as a reminder, the schools COVID protocols are still in place, so if a student gets a confirmed COVID case at home, please let your school know. If you or a family member in the home becomes ill with COVID, please keep your students home until they can be tested.  They should be tested 5 days after exposure confirmation and if negative, may return after 7 days of exposure. They must have a negative test in order to return to school. If you are unable to schedule one, contact your school principal, as we have a limited supply of rapid tests available.

         One of the most important things we have stressed with our staff if to re-engage with kids in positive ways. The past two years have been crazy, and we want our kids to have positive experiences. We are busy this fall giving the MAP assessment, which is a quick online test that will give us an idea of your students strengths and weaknesses in Math, English and Science. If you had older students go through, you may remember receiving those reports. You will receive them once the assessments happen, and I place a lot higher value on those results than I do on our state mandated tests. We will use those assessments to determine which areas need to be focused on for each of your students.

         We are still looking for bus drivers, either full time or as substitutes. We will pay you to be trained, so if you have any desire to do a rewarding job helping our local kids, just call the district office and we can get you in touch with our Transportation department.

         We have updated our district and school websites this past summer, and we are trying to make sure that more pertinent info is updated more regularly. If you see anything on there you would like to chat about, feel free to contact us. More likely, if you DON’T see something you think should be on the website, please let your school and our office know so we can get it on there. Communication with the community and our parents is a priority for all staff this year, and we welcome any feedback we can get.

         Finally, I will be holding our monthly Community Council Meeting at the high school library on Tuesday, October 5 at 6:00 PM if you would like to attend. It is an open forum with no agenda, so if you have things to talk about or have questions, please consider yourself invited!

        Never hesitate to contact me at 588-2000 or 509-308-5052, or email at pete.peterson@kibesd.org if I can be of service. I hope you all have a wonderful Fall!

    Pete Peterson

    Superintendent of Schools

    Kiona-Benton City School District

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