• Spanish 1 & 2

    Updated: 4/20/20

    To My Spanish 1 and 2 Students,


    First, I want to let you know what a great job you did this year. Everyone is passing! My expectations for the rest of the year are for you to study and practice the vocabulary and grammar lessons listed below. I’ll be assigning, from your textbook, the review exercises at the end of each chapter. Don’t worry if you don’t have your textbook. Instead, use our online resource Avancemos ClassZone.com to study. Then send me 15 original sentences that you have created using both the grammar and vocabulary from that chapter.


    Email your completed assignments to me at ISchmick@kibesd.org. The due dates for each chapter’s assignment are shown on the syllabus below. If you’d like to work at a faster pace and finish the chapters sooner, BRAVO! If you have any questions, just send me an email.


    Sra. Schmick



    ( We have built a really solid foundation  that will make for a smooth transition to Spanish 2. Next year we will be spending the first month, to month and a half, getting back on track. So no worries!)


    UNIT 5—House/Rooms/Furniture

         Lesson 1:  pages 244-269

                             - vocab list page 267

                             -grammar lessons pages 253 and 258

    *Assignment: pages 268-269 exercises 2, 3, 4    (DUE DATE: Friday, May 8th)


         Lesson 2:  pages 270-293

                             -vocab list page 291

                             -grammar lessons pages 277, 282, 284

    *Assignment: pages 292-293 exercises 2, 3, 4   (DUE DATE: Friday, May 22nd)



    Unit 6—Sports/Health

         Lesson 1:  pages 298-323

                             -vocab list page 321

                             -grammar lessons pages 307, 312, 313

    *Assignment: pages 322-323 exercises 2, 3, 4   (DUE DATE: Friday, June 5th)


         Lesson 2:  pages 324-347

                             -vocab list page 345

                             -grammar lessons pages 330, 331, 336

    *Assignment: pages 346-347 exercises 2, 3, 4   (DUE DATE: Thursday, June 18th)




    ( Fortunately we had already covered the main grammar and vocabulary lessons that are expected for a Spanish 2 class. So you are on track!)


    UNIT 5—Food/Restaurant

         Lesson 1:  pages 250-275

                             -vocab list page 273

                             -grammar lessons pages 258, 259, 264

    *Assignment: pages 274-275 exercises 2, 3, 4   (DUE DATE: Friday, May 8th)


         Lesson 2:  pages 276-299

                             -vocab list page 297

                             -grammar lessons pages 283, 288

    *Assignment: pages 298-299 exercises 2, 3, 4   (DUE DATE: Friday, May 22nd)


    UNIT 7—Communications/Opinions/Family

         Lesson 1:  pages 362-387

                              -vocab list page 385

                              -grammar lessons pages 339, 344, 371, 373, 376

    *Assignment: page 387 exercises 3, 4   (DUE DATE: Friday, June 5th)


         Lesson 2: pages 388-411

                             -vocab list page 409

                             -grammar lessons pages 394, 395, 400

    *Assignment:  pages 410-411 exercises 2, 3    (DUE DATE: Thursday, June 18th)






    Our Avancemos Textbook has online activities at CLASSZONE.COM. There are interactive flash cards, animated grammar lessons, review games, and practice quizzes. 

    Go to Unit 4 lesson 2 to begin mastering the new vocabulary and grammar. 


    Mrs. Schmick