• Worried about not graduating on time?  Here are three FREE programs that may help you to catch up on credits OR earn a G.E.D.
    Washington Youth Academy serves all Tri-City schools.  The Academy is a FREE opportunity to help students that are not going to graduate on-time, get a second chance for a diploma.  This residential program, based in Bremerton, is run similar to a military boot camp and lasts approximately  5- ½ months, for students 16-18 years old who need to earn up to 8 credits to be "back on track."  Students then  return to Kiona-Benton to use those credits toward graduation. The Academy doesn’t offer diplomas or GED opportunities.  They partner with all Washington high schools to help students graduate and move forward to be responsible and productive citizens. For more information, visit: WA YOUTH ACADEMY WEBSITE  See your counselor if you have more questions and to get an application.  
    Students who are 16-21 years old and are lacking credits (will not be able to graduate "on time" with their peers) or who have already dropped out have the option of enrolling in ESD 123's "Open Door" GED program.  Students study for the GED exams online, both on the Ki-Be campus and at home.  When all exams are completed, they will be presented with a G.E.D. certificate.   To enroll in the program, students need to talk to their high school counselor.  
    This is a residential career focused program for youth ages 16-24.  Students who have not earned a high school diploma or GED will be able to earn one through the program.  If you want more information about Job Corps. locations and programs, visit: JOB CORPS WEBSITE
Last Modified on July 24, 2018