• Students can request official or unofficial copies of their high school transcripts from the office manager (Angela Brown) or from one of the counselors.  Typically, colleges request that transcripts be mailed from the home high school at the time the student applies (around December or January), even though the grades posted are only through Junior year. 
    At the end of our school year (June), the office manager collects transcript requests from graduating Seniors.  When final grades are posted, she mails official transcripts to colleges.  These are marked "official" and are signed by the principal. 
    Class Rank is only calculated at the end of each semester; counselors can tell individual students where they rank in their graduating class.  Counselors are also able to fill out portions of the Common Application if colleges require that document.  For more information, stop by the counseling office or call  Belinda Loy   588-2152; or Kimm Minkler  588-2164. 
Last Modified on December 1, 2016