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Bear Facts... Your Superintendent's Message


To all of you who voted to support our students through this year's replacement levy, we say thank you! The levy is a crucial part of the funding we need to provide all of the programs and support we offer to our students. Without the support of our levy, we would not be able to continue the extra-curricular programs, field trips, transportation inside the mile radius,some of our educational assistants and other support personnel.   Your continued support is appreciated. 


The Board has adopted the Strategic Plan for the next 3 to 5 years. Thanks to over a hundred people who put their time and thoughts into developing the plan.  Your effort and input are greatly appreciated.   The Board will distribute the plan through our district webpage, at counters in our local businesses and through direct mailing to families of our students.  If you do not have access through one of these options contact the district office and one will be mailed to you.

Teaching and Learning Report

Spring testing update- This past year, the state made some sweeping changes to the state testing which students in grades 3-10 take each year. Beginning this year, students in grades 3-8 will take the "Measurements of Student Progress" and the "High School Proficiency Exam" at grade 10. These tests still cover the areas of reading, writing, mathematics and science. They provide valuable information to parents about how their child is doing in school in meeting state standards. In addition, the new tests will provide clearer information to schools about their program strengths and areas where students need additional assistance. Changes for this year include having fewer test days, shorter tests with fewer questions and more short answer questions than in the past. The end result will be less time devoted to the test and more timely results for families and schools.

Testing dates/times:  This year the tests will be given at the following times.

                Grades 3-8          Measurement of Student Progress

From May 12 until May 28           there will be 5 test sessions


                Grade 10              High School Proficiency Exam (5 test sessions)

March 16-18        Reading and Writing assessments

                                                April13                Mathematics assessment

April 15                Science assessment


Testing time:     Students have as much time as they need to complete each test. There will be only one test given on each day for 5days.  Average test time for students is as follows;

*       Elementary-  75-95 minutes per session

*      Middle School -  90-120 minutes per session

*       High School - 90-140 minutes per session

How can you prepare your child to do their best?

These tests provide an opportunity for your child to "show what they know" and they "know a lot!" 

Here are some helpful tips ---

*       See that your child is well rested. Testing requires concentration and being well rested is important.

*        See that your child is well fed. A breakfast is an important step.

*       Provide reassurance -It is normal for students to be nervous about taking tests.  Remind them that it is important that they "do your best."

*        Be there! -It is important that your child is at school on test days. Please don't let appointments or family plans which could interfere with this time. If a student in grades 3-8 is absent they will have the opportunity to make up the test. High school students who miss the test will have to wait until August to retake the test.


Kiona-Benton Middle School  / Principal's Corner for the month of March, 2010


As we head into March, April and May, I would like to encourage our students as well as our parents to begin preparation for the statewide "Measurement of Student Progress" that will be taken at the middle school during the month of May. The Measurement does what it says it does, it measures the academic progress each student has made during the 2009-10 school year as to the specific standards that are deemed essential to the students ability to successfully traverse the secondary (MS and HS), and Post Secondary (College/University) terrain that they will be covering in the very near future.  As it is with anything in life,the greater attention and importance we place on any topic such as the one we're focusing on today, academics, the greater attention and importance our children will place on that very topic. Our children need our understanding and wisdom in order to make informed decisions that will affect, to a large extent, their pathway as they move forward in life.  I can't stress any more that I do each day, the necessity of a continued education throughout one's life.  Our ultimate goal is to see that all of our students understand this and do all they can to assure that they have the opportunity to attend and fulfill all the requirements of attaining a "Higher Degree."


As you are aware, we, as a district, have been accruing time over each weekday in order to carve out time for our teachers to "Collaboratively" work together in organizing themselves as a staff to better serve the needs of our students. We do this each Wednesday during our "Collaborative Release Time" or CRT days.  The purpose of the CRT day is to improve student learning as measured by our student's results received during strategic testing through out the year.  This time includes the following collaborative efforts by our staff;


-Engaging in professional development                                                      -Sharing in-class strategies that are working

-Discussing and Reviewing Assessment Data                                           -Forming Intervention strategies for struggling students


We would like to thank you for all you do for our kids and the patience you have had with our newly developed CRT schedule this year. 


On a different note, Kennewick General Hospital and the Tri-City American's in the month of February were offering to our students who have worked hard to earn top grades, the KGH "A" is for Americans! program which allowed many of our students the opportunity to bring their successful report cards or progress reports to the American's ticket office at the Toyota Center to get a free Student Ticket to an American's Hockey game. What a great opportunity these institutions have provided to spend time with your children and reward their hard work!


For the month of March we will have a "Person in the Spotlight!" rather than a student! Our spotlighted person for the month is our Intervention Specialist,Mrs. Jessica Weston!  We would like to Spotlight Mrs. Weston for the great courage she and her family has shown over the past three years as she has battled cancer and the effects that it has had on all those that know her.  This past month we have found that Jessica has completed her last round of Chemotherapy and is free from any signs of the disease! We are appreciative of the good work that she provides our students and are very proud that she represents who we are as a school, a school district and community!


Reflecting on Jessica's fight for to overcome and those around us that we know are in similar battles, Ernest Hemingway is known for many things, but a statement he made which we should always remember in those moments when we're uncertain of whether we have it in us to succeed, he stated; 'Man is not made for defeat.'  Keep that in mind as we move forward and hold on to Jessica's example!  Go Cubs!!


   Mr. Feth - Principal          Mr. Castillo - Dean of Students



Kiona-Benton Middle School

Calendar of Events

March, 2010


Important Dates




3rd                                          Collaborative Release Time /Early Release @ 1:40 p.m.

5th                                          Progress Reports Sent Home

9th                                          Gear Up! Mad Science CSI,Yakima, Leave at 8:00 a.m.

10th                                        Collaborative Release Time / Early Release @ 1:40 p.m.

11th                                        Band Concert @ HS 7:00 p.m. 5,6, 7 and 8

17th                                        Collaborative Release Time / Early Release @ 1:40 p.m.

19th                                        Spring Professional Day

26th                                        Third Quarter of School Ends

March 29th - April 2nd   Spring Break