Kiona-Benton City School District


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Kiona-Benton City School District utilizes the Internet service for disseminating school closure and other emergency information. This service allows users to sign up for a free email alert for our school district.

Kiona-Benton City Schools Status - For school closure and emergency information (opens in separate window or tab).

FlashAlert Regional Information - Use this link to view regional info and to sign-up for email alerts (opens in separate window or tab).

Weather Related Closure Info

The decision to delay or close is generally made by 5:30 A.M. Notification of the delay or closure is given to the following radio and TV stations by 6:00 A.M. We occasionally decide to close school after the announcement for delay when conditions do not improve or worsen. That decision is made before 8:00 A.M. and those same stations are notified. Those stations are:

It seems that each time the announcement to delay or close is made, problems occur with 1 or 2 stations who get mixed up with the message or who do not get the message to the announcer in timely fashion. We have called stations 3 or 4 times trying to get the announcement made or corrected when I hear that either the station is not announcing the delay or closure or they have the message wrong.

It is really important that parents and students and parents continue to listen or watch once the announcement is made to delay. We often close school after the announcement is made to delay.